Always Watching (Part II)

Teaching a Raspberry Pi what my friends look like and how to react uniquely to different people.

Always Watching (Part I)

Tracking human faces around a room with a Raspberry Pi and a swivelling camera.

Walking In His Shoes (Part II)

Improving the themed sentence autocompleter with state-of-the-art language model architectures, GPT-2 and Transformers.

Walking In His Shoes (Part I)

Building a sentence autocompleter in the style of BBC News articles with LSTMs and Tensorflow.

Make Me A Picasso!

Basic theory behind how convolutional neural networks work and how to use them for image synthesis and neural style transfer.

Automating Exploratory Data Analysis

A brief introduction into using the pandas-profiling package to understand datasets quicker.

Modelling in Fashion

Using a basic image extraction and classification technique to identify and classify faces on UK fashion websites.

How Do You Explain This?!

A walkthrough of a variety of model interpretability techniques to help explain why some black-boc machine learning models make the decisions they do.

Finding the Alpha

I explore patterns in currency prices and build a model that is able to predict the GBP:USD exchange rate one month and one year into the future.