Always Watching (Part I) - Raspberry Pi Face Tracker

I build and setup a Raspberry Pi module and program it to follow a face with it's camera.

In His Shoes (Part II) - GPT2 and Transformers

Using state-of-the-art language models to improve sentence autocompletion.

In His Shoes (Part I) - Building a Sentence Autocompleter

I train sequence models using LSTMs with Tensorflow to generate sentence forecasts on news articles.

Picasso Me - Neural Style Transfer

Here I look into the theory of how convolutional neural networks are able to copy artistic styling onto ordinary images.

Automating EDA - Better Summaries from Pandas

A brief introduction into using the pandas-profiling package to understand datasets quicker.

Tom Ford or Uniqlo? - Image Classification in Fashion

In this post, I explore some fundamental problems when working with images and explore the theory behind Haar Cascade classification.

Explain This?! - Model Interperability Techniques

Exploring various ways to understand why our black-box machine learning models make the decisions they do.

Finding the Alpha - Predicting Currency Prices

I look at identifying any patterns in the Forex market and attempt to find a model that can predict returns on any given currency.